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Green Eggs and Ham

Written by: Bethany Dickson January 2022

One on the main reason we decided to add hens to Dickson Daughters Flower Farm was so we could have access to a daily helping of healthy, fresh eggs. We knew we wanted to raise strong and healthy chickens right from the start, so we were choosy when it came to what we fed them from the very beginning. We wanted to raise them to have a strong immune system and be able to handle anything life would possibly throw at them, with the help of our loving family of course. We chose NatureServe Chick Starter/Grower for their added probiotics and essential oils like cinnamon, oregano and thyme oil. As they grew older we switched to layer pellets and have been able to enjoy flavorful, golden yolks right as they started laying. The research into breeds, nutrition, feed and the hard work of maintaining a clean living environment for them really pays off and you can see it and taste it every single day. What a nice gift in return it is.

There really is nothing quite like having your own fresh eggs for breakfast every morning. Working on a growing flower farm with two small children can be a lot of work, so making a flavorful and fulfilling breakfast is essential. One of our favorites is what we call, “Green Eggs and Ham”. Yes, you could have a simple plate of scrambled eggs, but this is so much more pleasing. We love this dish because of all the wonderful and flavorful notes it brings to the table. The salty bacon paired with the lemony kale pesto and runny, fresh from the backyard eggs, leaves you feeling alive and ready to tackle your day.. whether it be playing with your fluffy ducks and chickens, going to the office or simply enjoying a lazy Sunday with your entire family.

“Green Eggs and Ham”

Serving size: 1

2 chicken or duck eggs

3 strips of hickory or applewood smoked bacon

1 english muffin split in two

2 cups cleaned and chopped kale

3 tablespoons pepitas

2 tablespoons shaved or shredded parmesan cheese

1 lemon

1 garlic clove

1/4 teaspoon kosher salt

3/4 cup extra virgin olive oil

1/2 avocado, sliced

Start by making the kale pesto. In a blender or food processor, blend the pepitas, garlic clove and salt together until it is a coarse consistency. Add in lemon juice, parmesan, kale and extra virgin olive oil and blend again until all ingredients are well incorporated and smooth.

Next cook 3 strips of hickory smoked bacon in a sauté pan on medium high, cooking both sides until bacon is browned and crispy, or however you prefer your bacon. Remove bacon and set aside.

In the same pan, crack two of your backyard chicken or duck eggs in the pan and set to medium low. Season eggs with a little salt and pepper and cook them sunny side up.. or however your prefer your eggs.

While the eggs are cooking, set your oven to Broil, High and broil your english muffin, or any bread you desire until golden brown.. about 2-3 minutes. Take the bread out.

Time to assemble. Add kale pesto to both pieces of your bread, then sliced avocado, strips of bacon and your delicious and nutritious eggs. Top with a little more parmesan if desired, salt and freshly cracked black pepper. Enjoy!


Bread: Other options of bread that would pair well are sourdough, rye bread or a chewy bagel.

Eggshells: Save your eggshells! We keep a mason jar in the refrigerator and fill it with spent eggshells every morning. Once the jar is full, we bake the eggshells in the oven at 350 degrees for 10 ten minutes, let them cool and crush them up into tiny bite size pieces and feed them back to the chickens mixed into their food. The eggshells are a great, economical way to provide calcium back into your chickens diet after she starts laying her daily eggs.

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