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About Amanda B.

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Hello!  My name is Amanda. I am currently employed at Pet X Supplies and Tack and loving every second of it. I went to Cleary University and Graduated with a degree in Business Administration and Management. My life is blessed with an amazing and very, VERY, understanding husband and 3 beautiful daughters. I have been studying pet nutrition since I was 14 years old. Six years ago, my family was blessed with a home in the country. We are officially homesteaders! From gardening, to raising our own meat, and of course preserving what nature provides. We ventured into poultry first (the gateway pet for homesteading) and I have never looked back! I love poultry. So, I focus my time on them and gardening. We share our home with lots of animals. We have everything from guinea pigs, rabbits, chickens, ducks, turkeys, and of course dogs and cats! Even the occasional cow and goat have made way on our land. Everything is welcome as long as it provides to the land, our home and our hearts. I enjoy talking about poultry the most, which is why I feel so blessed to share my blogs with you and discuss everything I have learned and everything I will continue to learn with you about poultry.  Amanda B.

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About Chris & Danielle

Hi, we're Danielle and Chris of Split Arrow Farm. After years of living in the city, we always knew that there was more to life and decided to take a chance on buying an old house and 10-acres of land in the North East. Every week we share our journey of making a backyard homestead on Youtube to help others obtain their goal of living a more sustainable lifestyle through growing and raising their own food. 

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About Bethany Dickson

My name is Bethany Dickson and I am a full-time mother and flower farmer at Dickson Daughters Flower Farm. I used to cook in fancy restaurants but now I bless my family with good, home cooking. My family and I enjoy being out in nature tending to our garden and loving on our sweet chickens

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About Ashton

Ashton lives in beautiful NW Indiana. Born and raised on the farm with chickens and all kinds of livestock, her love for the lifestyle came naturally. After moving into their first home she really missed having the farm fresh eggs that she grew up on. With very little convincing, she talked her husband into building a coop. She started out with 9 hens and a rooster and as she fell in love with her flock of 10, her hobby started to grow. 10 chickens turned into 20, 20 into 40, and before she knew it she found herself caring for a flock of 70 chickens in various shapes, sizes, and colors!

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