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Easter Eggs Fresh from the Coop: Learn to dye fresh eggs this Easter Season

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

Written by: Ashton April 2022

Holy cow! How is it already mid-March? April is fast approaching and that means Easter will be here before we know it! In this post let’s talk FRESH Easter eggs.

Many of us are so quick to run to the store to grab a dozen eggs, when in reality we’ve already got what we need in the coop outside! Lots of chicken owners, depending on the breeds you have, will get eggs that are already pre-dyed for us! These eggs can range in different colors like blue, green, light brown, dark brown, and even white. As beautiful as the eggs already are – we can take them one step further and dye them to get even more beautiful colors! The variation in egg colors give us a vast variety of shades when we dye them! Different egg colors will take on different hues of dye or it may even create a new color like when you put a light blue egg in yellow dye – we get green! I have some Black Copper Marans that lay really dark brown eggs. These made some of the most stunning green and dark blue eggs ever! Something I learned when doing my eggs is that the longer the egg sits in the dye the darker and more vibrant the color becomes. It also doesn’t hurt to add 2 color tablets per container to really make those colors POP!

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